Sushi Roll / California Roll Machine (ROLL TYPE)


  • This unit spreads fresh and tasty rice without it being squashed or smashed.
    Anyone can make rice readily and quickly with our latest design.
  • The LCR-700 is the ideal model for people who want to make highly-quality sushi rolls. You can minutely control the compressive strength and density of the rice with the newest, color, touch LCD monitor.
  • You can adjust rice-layer-thickness and the spot-spreading rice shape with the touch LCD monitor. It is a machine which is able to make large, medium, or small sized sushi rolls.
  • The LCR-700 is able to make warm sushi rolls, because you can control the process temperature inside of the machine.
  • Efficiency will be maximized with the ability to make various types of sushi rolls with the LCR-700.
  • The LCR-700 is a compact-sized model, so it may be placed in small spaces.
  • Clean: The machine will be opened by clean button on the touch-screen → Tool free disassemble → One-touch setting after reassemble
Specification Value
Unit Size: W365ⅹL575ⅹH560 mm
Sushi Roll Size: Extra Large: 45mm
Large: 40mm
Medium: 35mm
Small: 25mm
Production Capacity: 300~450 roll/h
Hopper Capacity: 7.5 Kg
Voltage: AC110/220V – 50/60Hz – 160W (seven motors)
Weights: 37 Kg

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