Industrial Norimaki


Can change sushi size easily.

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  • The industry’s first ever high-speed production which discharges two rice balls at once.
• Rice balls are softly and plumply molded like the ones made by veteran sushi chefs.

  • The amount of rice for one rice ball can be adjusted from 18g to 30g.

  • The simple design allows easy cleaning, so hygiene is easily maintained.
Specification Value
Futo maki 800pcs
Hoso maki 1800pcs

Forming belt
Futo maki 170(W) X 7310(L) mm

Chu maki 140(W) X 7310(L) mm
Hoso maki 105(W) X 7310(L) mm

Power 3P-200W 1.5W

Dimension 4500(L) X 1080(W) X 750(+690)(H) mm

Weight 1000kg

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