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  • This is the most general of the popular types that combines an electro hydraulic rinsing machine and a small filling machine with “Rice Friend”.
  • Capable of making as many as 1,400 portions per hour even with a design that is energy and space efficient.
  • This is best for medium-sized facilities.
  • A Rice Washer.

  • B Middle Filler

  • C ARS 25
Specification Value
Production (Iron pot/min) 
Boiled by water 20(Rice mill 140g)
Boiled by hot water 24(Rice mill 168g).

End connection 13A 32A
End connection LPG 25A

Dissipation power Three-phase

Gas outage 109.3

Dimension 2150 X 980 X 1530

Weight 570kg

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