LS 370


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  • The LS-370 makes high-quality sushi the same way that a sushi chef squeezes rice lighty until it is shaped like a rectangle.
  • The LS-370 is the world’s first sushi robot which can control 13g of sushi and also maintaining a consistent shape.
  • The rice compression strength, density and warmth can be controlled.
  • Controlling the amount of wasabi is easily accessible through the touch LCD monitor.
  • The LS-370 defeats that problem by airy shari, improving taste and quality. This technology is the first of its kind.
  • By lowering the rice port, we have increased productivity and output.
  • We have reduced repair time and costs significantly for the LS-370 by using moldmanufacture.
Specification Value
Capacity 3.600 pcs/H
Size W320 x L490 x H580mm
Weights of Rice 13g – 20g
Voltage AC110/220V – 50/60Hz – 160W
Weights 35kg

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