LS 303


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  • The LS-303 makes sushi evenly and neatly, because the rice does not stick to the hopper while making sushi. The LS-303 is manufactured using highly sanitary and high-quality materials.
  • The LS-303 is constructed using hygienic materials which have low heat conductivity.
  • During operation, sushi is automatically put on the troll plate. There is no need to switch the unit on or off during operation.
  • Anyone can use, assemble and disassemble this unit without any tools easily. The LS-303 is also very simple to clean as well.
Specification Value
Capacity 3.000 pcs/H
Size W320 x D530 x D580mm
Size of Rice 42mm 13-18g
50mm 20-30g
Voltage AC110/220V – 50/60Hz – 120W
Weights 25kg

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